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Company background

Kazi Farms Limited was established in 1996 as a hatchery for imported eggs; the following year it started its own parent farms. In 2004 production started in our grand-parent (GP) farms. which was responsible for Bangladesh's first exports of hatching eggs and day-old chicks in 2004. In that year, our Managing Director, Kazi Zahedul Hasan, was named Businessperson of the Year by the Daily Star/DHL Business Awards.

Our Purpose

To produce high quality chicks and feed so that poultry farmers can be productive and prosperous.
To produce safe eggs and chicken which consumers can eat with confidence.
To produce organic fertilizer which replenishes the organic content of the soil, increases long-term fertility and protects farmers' profits.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a more prosperous Bangladesh, where poultry farmers are generating income by producing safe food.


  1. Broiler parent chicks and broiler chicks
  2. Kazi Farms Group is the Bangladesh Grand-Parent franchisee of Avigen Indian River and Cobb-Vantress, acknowledged to be the best broiler breeds in the world. The broiler chicks of Kazi Farms Group are considered to be the best performing chicks in the domestic market, and are sold at a premium over other broiler breeds.

  3. Layer chicks and table eggs

    Kazi Farms Group is also the distributor for Hy-line brown and white layers in Bangladesh.Hy-line International is the oldest poultry breeding company of the world, and is the leading breeders of layers. Kazi Farms' own commercial layer farms make it the largest producer of commercial table eggs in Bangladesh.

  4. Feed

    Kazi Farms Group expanded its operation into poultry feed manufacture in 2006. Within a very short period it has become recognized as a market leader in both quality and volume. In order to ensure feed quality, The Gajaria feed mill was set up with technical expertise from USA and Europe.
    We are compliant with all applicable feed regulations of the Government of Bangladesh. We do not use any MBM in our feed. ( MBM is cheap protein made by cooking and drying slaughterhouse waste. ) We do not use any antibiotics in our feed.
    Kazi Farms Fish Feed

  5. Kazi Organic fertiliser

    Kazi Farms is the market leader in production of composted organic fertiliser. This product has many benefits for farmers.It is produced by the composting action of aerobic bacteria on poultry manure, which results in a natural fertiliser which is high in organic matter. Many soils in Bangladesh are low in organic matter due to high frequency of plantation and excess use of chemical fertilizers.By increasing the organic content of soil, it increases water retention and so reduces the cost of irrigation. Increase of water retention also reducing run-off wastage of chemical fertilisers due to rainfall.
    Kazi Organic Fertiliser
    Deepto Krishi episode on Kazi Organic Fertiliser
    Kazi Farms reduces emission by producing organic fertilizer

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